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Haciendo el almuerzo para mi familia// preparing lunch for my family

This is the lunch that I prepared for my family on Saturday, although we are in quarantine we still have the habit of waking up late on weekends, that day we had breakfast at 10:00 am and at 01:00 pm I was already starting to prepare lunch.

I wanted to eat something quite tasty but I had a kind of junk food in mind but at the same time I did not want everything to be fried because it is also important to take care of health and more now that we are in a certain sedentary phase.


So I said I'm going to prepare a rice, simple but rich and some wings with the barbeque sauce, I told everyone, they agreed, so let's get to work.

I said let's get to work but nobody helped me ... Hahaha.

I started by preparing the rice. I used carrots, 1 onion and 3 garlic cloves.


Cut the onions and garlic into cubes.


I put this in the pot with a little oil for a couple of minutes.


While I was attentive to the onion and garlic I quickly grated my carrots and added it, mixing this for a few minutes.



While the carrot was there I also took advantage of washing my rice very well and once it was very clean I added it to the pot and mixed.



We add our water and let it cook. I do it over medium heat at first until I see that the rice water is starting to dry and I put it on low heat and cover the pot to finish cooking.


While my rice is already cooking, I check my wings to cut them.


We know that the wings have three parts, I only use the two parts that have the most chicken because the tip is pure bones, so I cut that part and I do not use it for this recipe (but I do take advantage of saving this part for when I need it make a soup because it adds a lot of flavor)


Since we have all our wings cut, we are going to add salt and pepper as I really like garlic I also added it.



Then in another pot I put a little oil to heat to add the wings when it was already hot.


After a few minutes you will see that the wings have released their juice, I cook this for a few more minutes to make sure it is really cooked.


Our rice is ready, so we reserve and continue with the wings.


I did not make the bbq sauce from scratch, I bought it ready and also mustard because I love the flavor it adds to the food.


I added 3/4 parts of the 300gr BBQ bottle


Then I added the mustard to my personal taste.


And I mixed and let this cook for a while over medium heat.


The idea is that the sauce is cooked with the wings so that it has its flavor and adheres to the wings, we are going to let it reduce so that it thickens more and will be super sticky when we go to eat it, that's how I love it.

Look at this beautiful, tell me if these wings do not look beautiful in that sauce.


Now it's time to serve and enjoy.


All the images in this post were made by me, I am the author.

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