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We all have a childhood friend that we will never forget or who is still with us, a fun and loyal friend who is with us in moments of joy and sadness, despair and triumph. When I was little, my best friend was always with me, I rarely left my house so he was always in mine, I never got to see his house now that I think about it, I would like to see it, see the decorations, his room and what he ate, I would like to know what he ate.

For some reason my parents did not pay attention to me when I played with him, they let me be happy playing and talking, it was all they needed to know, maybe they loved me a lot or maybe they ignored me too much, but still they let me be with my friend. I don't remember his name, I'm not very good at remembering them, but I'm sure he still reminds me, sometimes I feel that he's still by my side, like the times I ate under the table with him, the times we slept together, that it helped me to do the task, they are unique moments.

He was very close to me, they even let him out in a family photo taken by a neighbor outside our house, but something would happen to him because my family did not like it to be in the photo, they burned the photo and then I did not see it anymore. I did not see him after going to the house of an older man who spat smoke from his tobacco and hit me with some branches that smelled very strong, although they were not hard blows, I do not know why he did it.

At this point I do not remember his face, his name, his height or even his shape, to be honest I do not even remember him, those handsome branches were to make me forget, my mother told me a long time later and told me his name, but I don't think it's good to call it that, but the interesting thing here is that there are branches with strong smells that make you forget that you saw a goblin.

My mom once told me that, that I was talking alone and asking for food for my friend that no one could see while eating under the table, after taking a family photo a figure came out next to me, I think after so long He continues to chase me, because the bad luck that abounds in me is not normal. I hope you liked today's post, if you have any advice to improve my way of narrating things, it will be well received, we will read later my dear readers.




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