Self-Learning With Snow - Vocabulary # 2

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Hello folks! This is @jonsnow1983 and here we are once again with yet another self-learning English lesson. In my case which is yours we are going to go ahead and expand our already vast vocabulary by memorizing Five English words we don't commonly use; This is let's call it a "second edition" or chapter number Two so feel free to check out the first one here.

To make things simple, we're going to randonmly choose Five English words from a video source (see bellow) and we are going to define and memorize each of them by using repetition and association which means you have to associate the provided words with something, anything, that would make you remind them. By doing this it'd be quite easy for you to remember them because in case you forget, you just have to look for the thing, object, or whatever you used to attach the word to. After that we're going to write a short story in order to put those words in use. Let's get it on!


  • Insular (adj.): One sided, narrow-minded - (Quarantine)
  • Preposterous (adj.): It describes something absurd, empty, with no base, even idiotic or insane (My brother)
  • Nuance (n.): A small little difference in concepts, forms, meaning... (painting)
  • Lithe (adj.): It describes something or someone fresh, toned, attractive, lively (Ramona)
  • Ubiquitous (adj.): Omnipresent, Seemingly Anywhere, Everywhere (God)

Video Source

Now let's write up a short story using the words above

The Two serpents left Jon lying and naked on and unknown mountain, after spending more than Three years exploring the green and vast field he became insular. By the time he returned to the city looking for vengeance over preposterous claims, he noted that both, Lover and Ex, escaped the battlefield with all of his fortunes and riches. That would not slow down Jon though. He was already prepared for a situation of this size and form, There are not any nuances, or doubts in his mind, just Red and the lithe determination of a thousand lions. They should be aware; Make no mistake, retaliation is served and Jon shall be ubiquitous. They won't know where the bullets came from!


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