Which would you rather have?

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With the dollar likely to experience massive inflation in the future, which would you rather have?

Given the FED's actions and Congresses, where they have decided the only way to save the US economy is to flood it with liquidity, there is a pretty good chance we experience significant inflation at some point.

Yes, the fear currently is stagnation and deflation, but that won't last forever.

Once we get over the hill with this pandemic, things are going to pick up pretty quickly.

When that happens we will be awash in liquidity with only a few real items for that money to go into.

If/when that happens, which of these would you rather be holding?


(Source: https://twitter.com/blockchainmikey/status/1306942525803057152/photo/1)

None of us here are likely to get to that billion dollar number any time soon, but if the dollar loses significant value over the coming years a billion isn't going to buy what it used to.

Looking at an image like that, it seems pretty easy to me which one makes more sense in terms of holding or storing your value.

One you can carry in your pocket while the others you need a forklift to move around.


1 Billion in Fiat.
Investing in assets and Gold and Cryptos.
I think its the mixture of your investments.

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