Well this explains the Twitter Scam a little more

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It appears the hack was perpetuated by a 17 year old a 19 year old and a 22 year

Now we know why the Twitter hack a few weeks back wasn't worse than it was.

It was pulled by a bunch of young pups!

They had no idea the magnitude of what they were doing and what they could have done.

Though now it looks like they are being arrested for it:

(Source: https://twitter.com/WORLDSTAR/status/1289293002456932354)

I wonder how exactly they were caught.

It appears this stuff is a lot harder to get away with than most hackers think.

More about the story can be seen here:



I guess that soon they will get employed by the FBI or CIA don't you think @jondoe? O-O

Not with a criminal record. It's pretty rare for the kind of stuff we see in movies to actually happen.

From what I heard they tried to withdraw from an exchange they were kyc'd at.

Ha, well that would be par for the course for a teenager.

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