The single largest transfer of wealth in the history of Bitcoin occurred today!

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If you are reading this, congrats, you are a part of history!

Today bitcoin just witnessed the single largest monetary transfer in the history of bitcoin.

A single wallet transferred $1.15 billion worth of bitcoin today at the current price (88,857 BTC) to another bitcoin wallet.

This bested the previous all time high set earlier this year by a Bitfinex transfer that sent roughly $1.1 billion worth of bitcoin in a single transfer.



But here's the really neat thing in all of this...

The person who sent the $1.15 billion dollar transfer only paid about $3.58 (0.00027847 BTC) to do so.

$3 to send to $1.15 billion anywhere in the world?!

Yea, that's why bitcoin matters!

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it legacy financial system!


Thanks for sharing such a great info

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