People simply don't understand how great bitcoin has been over the last decade

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Can you imagine seeing this chart and not wanting to invest in bitcoin?

People have all sorts of reasons for not investing in bitcoin, the biggest one being a lack of understanding.

They don't understand how it works, they don't understand how to go about obtaining, and they don't understand how much it has lapped every other asset.

The first one doesn't matter much because people drive cars all the time without fully understanding how they work.

The middle one is getting solved with paypal and square and grayscale.

The last one is one that we can help change ourselves.

Imagine showing someone this chart and them still not wanting to put some bitcoin in their portfolio:



Pretty much impossible if you ask me.

No one in their right mind would see those numbers and still choose not to pick up some bitcoin.

Not possible.

Now we just have to do our part and show them. :)


Very impressive chart. Your right, no one seeing that chart would not ask “Tell me more” “How can I invest”
I recently did an article on Grayscale, the ownership model is better then I thought.

Yea I'm a big fan of GBTC for bitcoin adoption. It's so easy to tell your friend to buy bitcoin by telling him to go buy GBTC.

By the way, what do you think of the new Tron integration news? Seems like great news for STEEM. They need to go some press releases on it though and let the world know about it. Do you know of any way to swap TRX for STEEM easily and cheaply?

I agree. Poloniex

Can US based users use Poloniex now? Also, weren't there some swap options to go from trx to tsteem or something? Once you get to tsteem, how do you get to steem?