Bitcoin makes believers out of even the harshest critics

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Bitcoin makes believers of us all

We haven't gotten Warren Buffett yet, but we will eventually. It's tough with that teaching old dogs news tricks and all of that.

However, we did get Jamie Dimon.

He has been bearish on bitcoin basically since the day he heard about it, which was actually a while back.

Throughout all of bitcoin's history, he has been bearish on it.

Now, he's finally changed his tune.

It's looked something like this:



He was against it before he was for it.

Some out there seem to think that him flipping to bullish on it now means that he is going to be shorting it or selling it.

I think that may end up being true eventually, but he is going to do his part to pump it a lot higher first.

Shorting bitcoin is probably a good move, eventually, but not before it goes up 10x-20x from here.