Anyone else as sick as I am of reading about calls for more regulation of Bitcoin and Crypto?

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US banks alone were fined $15 billion last year and Bitcoin's the problem, right

Rules and regulations are doing their best to crush bitcoin even if they don't admit it.

They being the powers that be that supposedly are elected to protect us, and in some cases, not even elected.

In the latest case of this the ECB President calling for more global regulation of bitcoin:



You know what else has been used for some "funny business" recently and all throughout history?


Where are the calls to regulate that?

In fact, when you really think about it, regulators should encourage people to use bitcoin because at least there is a paper trail there.

There's no paper trail with cash.

While we are on that note, US banks alone paid $15 billion last year in fines for money laundering as well as other crimes:

Where are the calls to better regulate banks or hold them more accountable?

The attack on crypto is relentless and needs to stop.


Very good points, sir~

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