¨TreeTuesday¨. The trees of my childhood

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Hello beautiful people in this community; After a long time I am participating and accompanying our friend @ old-guy-photos in this wonderful challenge ¨TreeTuesday¨. Trees do a lot for us, they deserve to be kept in mind

Source: Family Album

As a child I love visiting a forest that was a few meters from home, I took advantage of the nap time that was quiet to sit under a large tree that stood out among the others

Source: Family Album

Lying under its shadows, and very relaxed watching the sky, the beautiful formations that made the clouds accumulate caught my attention

Source: Family Album

It goes without saying that I returned home with a lot of energy, being in contact with these giants was good for my body

Source: Family Album

I miss those days of my childhood, in my city there are almost no such forests left, there are only those that live on the edge of the Paraná

Source: Family Album

These giants were the first to establish themselves in my city, they were by the river to see the Guarani arrive, they offered their wood for their canoes and shadows for shelters. With a digital telephone ¨ZTE¨ ¨Blade¨ ¨A7¨ we were able to portray this beautiful moment.



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