Palm Tree Digital Painting

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Palm tree-digital painting is a digital painting style that combines traditional painting techniques with digital media.

The painting produces a strong presence in its environment because of the unique use of expressive coloring, shadows and watermarks.

A Palm tree digital painting is usually a single painting that consists of a number of smaller paintings that are completed in a similar way. It is one of the most popular digital painting styles and is now very popular with interior designers because of the organic quality of the finished product.

There are many new and unusual ways to use digital media in traditional painting such as a palm tree digital painting.


Corel Painter X3
Digital Tablet

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There are those classes that are wine and painting or something similar.

This post reminded me of something like that.

Made me want to grab a drink and have a paint.

It looks great on you, I'd like to know what tablet you use to draw? I need to buy one and I'd like to know which ones are good

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