Ulog # 94 | My version of dessert is Jelly with Sliced Coconut Flesh

in GEMS6 months ago

Everyone has their own version of sweet tooth. Mine isn't cakes or pastries or puddings; instead it's JELLY. The ones that isn't too sweet nor too large. Small dainty in size and filled with fresh fruits like coconut or mangoes or papaya.


I saw this at one of the local fruit stalls in the wet market near my home. I may have come across this stall but never got around to looking thoroughly what it really was until now. They had two options; either filled with coconut or papaya flesh. I chose coconut since the weather has been on extreme heat and I could really use something cooling for my body. This container had in total 20 pieces of jelly in it and cost only VND 25,000 = USD 1.08 = MYR 4.68. Really very affordable if you asked me. If it was sold in town, it would have cost me VND 35,000 for this box.


Definitely a nice dessert to enjoy after any meal. Light and refreshing. I might just try the papaya filling jelly next time around. Well.. I can't be eating this every single day 😉

What is your dessert weakness ?
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