The traditional ground floor house is being lost in Tanor...

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The green shyamala shayaghera is a two-storey house of peace in the village of Tano upazila of Rajshahi. More often than not, every village had a field of mud. The people of the village are called poor people. In addition to avoiding storms, rains, the terraced house is no longer visible.

The socio-economic changes of the village have come, the poor families of the various NGOs working and working hard are now building small buildings. Tin shed on top of it. At one time, the ground house was visible in almost every village of the 8 unions of Tanar Upazila. Where red or flattened soil is available, these houses are made more. But in today's orbit, this traditional soil is lost to the two-storey house. Because the house is comfortable in the cold and hot season, many rich and poor people in the village used to build this ground floor house.


It is known that from the ancient times the house of the clay was in circulation. To the people of the village, the house was a symbol of heritage. Brick or adhesive soil is made of mud by 2-5 feet wide. Wood or bamboo ceilings are made on the walls of 3-4 feet high and straw or tin cans are placed on them. Clay houses were often used up to the ground floor. On different occasions, the housewives used to enhance the beauty of the house by using different kinds of imagination on the ground walls. Due to the natural calamity and loss of soil houses during the monsoon season, the people of the village are now eager to build brick-and-cement houses due to the long durability at present.


Unless there is an earthquake or flood, a mud house lasts more than a hundred years. But at present, the brick-and-mortar buildings are losing ground to mud and big buildings in the present day. Sobjul Hossain, Alamgir Hossain, Ujjal Kumar Sutradhar, Niranjan Mardis and others of the upazila's Amritpur and Mohar villages said they have received this house made of clay. Their former men also lived in this clay-built house. So they have not yet demolished these houses.


Although the house is comfortable to live in, the majority of people think that the people of the village are building brick houses for more security and more permanent residence in a short space of time, due to the changing age and technology.
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