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Hi guy my name is Eleh Ossai (@homer27),i am an African Nigeria in particular, since i was born in 1993 in Lagos Nigeria i have been experience poverty, malnutrition, lack of good road, water, bad electricity and many more.


I read each day and see on tv and hear on radio that Africans are poor.But is that true? I keep asking myself for years am i poor? Is Nigeria poor? Is Africa poor?
My quest for answer pushed me to study philosophy at the university. wawooo i found the truth about the critical question, Honestly Africa is not poor, Africa is bless with alot of natural resuorce, actually without Africa the world can't survive, the world need Africa to survive , the world need my village (Ogume in Delta state Nigeria) to survive the world need me to survive the world depends on Africa . The wealth of this world is in Africa, this made the other world to come too Africa, telling Africans that they come to help us but in actuall sense they come to loot Africa wealth away and making us to belive that they come to help.


If the western world leave Africa, we will be at peace. Africa can't come to her full potential if the western world keep coming deciving Africans that they come to help because Africa is poor. They make us belive that we are poor in Africa but we are not. They put us in mind slavery so they may explot we the Africa. Asia is developing because they librated there mind from slavery, i will keep sayin God bless the People Republic Of China, they give me hope that Nigeria and Africa nation will be good again.



Inconclusion i am say Africa is not poor it's the mind of the African's that is poor because they are in the slavery of the mind. Until Africa is been librated from colonia mentality, Africa can't come to her full potentia. Western culture and philosphy can't work in Africa , China as proven my argument to be true.

Arise from your sleep Africa


Thanks for reading, i am Eleh Ossai (@homer27)