Fluctuating Stripes of Color, 2020

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Hi everyone, my friends!

Here I am back with a new artistic proof of Leonardo, my son who will turn 3 in the next month.

The creations are said to reflect the mood of the artist, to bring out his essence and the feelings of the moment when the work was composed.

Well, if so, I would say that in this case the thesis is fully confirmed.

This is, in fact, the first drawing that Leo made after being "freed" from quarantine.

It's clear that his exits have as destination the homes of the grandparents, but they are very spacious places and, there, he can be outdoors, taking advantage of more road to walk/run.

Let's go into the detail of the drawing, let's first see what it was done with.

The tools are the following:

  • one yellow paper towel
  • 6 tubes of washable tempera
  • a small brush


Finally a beautiful colorful painting, full of light and warmth.
It's no coincidence, as I said before, that all this verve has come out right now.
It's as if there was a party on the sheet, a small Carnival. 🎊🎉

This time, Leo used the colors in a distinct way, without mixing them, giving preponderance to the clear and bright hues.

A few brush strokes, but definite, with the lines that continually intersect and create a good harmony, both chromatic and geometric.
It's certainly a simpler design than others he has done, but I believe that here too you can see a good execution capacity and an innate aesthetic sense.

I seem to see stripes thrown in the air to celebrate, so I thought the right title could be this:

Fluctuating Stripes of Color

I really have the distinct impression that this drawing is less dark than those he made during his stay at home.

To me, looking at this creation puts a lot of optimism and positivity...it brings me back to the carefree atmosphere of a party, when there were not too many worries and our life was a little freer and happier.

I hope it will have the same effect for you too, let me know what you think. 😊


Thanks to all of you for reading my article.

If you liked it, share it on your blog and write me a comment with your impressions.

See you soon!


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