Splinterlands Art Contest - Spider Witch. My First Digital Art.

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Attention Everyone.

How are you all?

Hope that you all are well by the grace of Allah. Today I'm going to share something else. Not any pencil sketch like always. If you've seen my last post you may have read about my digital art. Well, here it is. My first digital artwork.

I'm posting this artwork to join the Splinterlands Art Contest.

Link to the contest:


My Artwork:

I'd like to give it a name. But, I just couldn't find any name. So I asked my friend to suggest a name. He told me to name it The Spider Witch. I don't know how it sounds like. If you can suggest any name to me, please tell me in the comment section.

imaginary 3.jpg

The Tools I used:

I bought a device just a few days ago named, Wacom Intuos Pro. This is actually a graphics tablet. I also used my computer and a app to complete this artwork. The name of the app is Autodesk Sketchbook.

Details of how I completed the work.

At first I installed the app named Autodesk Sketchbook. This app is really good for digital artwork. And then I connected the Wacom Intuos Pro in my computer, then I started my work.
At first I made a basic structure with only one layer and then I finalized it and then I made another layer of the structure and put a primary color in every part of the image just as needed. And after that, to give the colored parts a shape I dew anther layer. In that third layer I mainly worked for the shades. There I used both of the light and dark colors on each part as needed. That really helped to bring the shadow in the image just as well as the lighter parts. And to make the horns more lighter I used those colors which has the glow effect. All these effects and colors are available in the Autodesk Sketcbook. And in the final layer (the fourth layer) I added the background to the Image. In the end I added all those layers and made them one and that's how I finished the work.
This one is my first colored artwork. For practicing I first dew the Gelatinous Cube. But I drew that one just as it is. Which seemed like total copy-paste also that one was for practicing. So I decided not to post it. I was paying so much attention to dew it that I just forgot to take screenshots of my work. But, I've managed it. I needed to draw these steps from the starting to get the steps. Also, I was thinking that I will describe. But as I told so, I didn't took pictures of those steps so that describing them isn't going to be so easy. In that case, describing the whole thing in once seemed more perfect to me.

The Steps:

I'm giving all the steps one by one.


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (05).jpg


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (06).jpg


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (07).jpg


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (04).jpg


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (01).jpg


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (3).jpg


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (02).jpg


Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (03).jpg

9: The Final Step:-

Autodesk SketchBook - imaginary 1 (09).jpg

I don't know how it was. For me this is one of my best artwork. As well as it was my first work. Practice makes a man perfect, and I'm working on it. I really hope that I'll be back soon with my next digital artwork. Just to let you know, I'll also continue posting my pencil sketch.

See you in my next post. Till then stay happy, stay sound.

Thanks For Reading My Post.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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