Raccoon In A Hole (Ink Drawing)

in GEMS2 years ago

Hello Everyone. I hope you're all having a great day.

Earlier today, I made this wildlife drawing depicting a raccoon in the hole of a tree. Racoons find shelter from holes mostly on trees because of their warmth and the fact that they are predator-free area.

I made use of a black ball point pen and pelican paper for this drawing.
Here are the steps involved;

First, I drew the outline of the raccoon's face and added all it's facial features.
Next, I shaded all the dark areas of the racoons face and the hole on the tree where it lives.


Finally, I shaded and added details fur details to the face of the racoon until I got a satisfactory result.

Thank you reading and viewing my drawing. I hope you love it. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!


I love your drawings

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