Blue-Tailed Bee Eater (Ink Drawing)

in GEMS3 years ago

Hello Everyone. I hope you're all doing great.
Today, I made this pen drawing of a Blue-tailed Bee Eater with its prey, (a bee) between its beak. The Bee eater is a colourful bird with long beaks with long pointy beaks that makes them incredible insect catchers. They feed mostly on bees hence their name.

I used a black ball point pen and pelican paper.
Here are my steps in the drawing;

First of all, I drew the outline of the bird and the bee between its long pointy beak and a tree branch. I drew all the features of the bird and the bee in this stage.
Next, I shaded the bee and all the dark areas of the bird's body
Finally, I shaded and added details of feather to the skin of the bird until I got an appealing result.
Thank you taking your time to read and view my drawing. Have a great weekend ahead.


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