The Newest Variant From Xi Bo Ba, The Biscoff Series, A Must Try!

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Hello guys.
I’m here to share about the new drink that my favorite boba place, Xi Bo Ba, released.
Last night, i met up with my friends because its been such a long time sine the last time we meet.
When i said such a long time, i mean is its been two weeks.
We’ve missed each other so we decide to have an meet up in a cafe.
Around 8 p.m, only three of us left in there because the others have something to do and that’s why they need to leave early.


This is their regular menu and actually the original menu.
What i mean original menu is because this is the menu they originally came up with since the beginning.
So, the additional menu is never put it here and they just put like a brochure in near cashier.
So, its not like we can missed their new menu.
Especially for their newest menu.
The cashier always recommend them to u the first thing before we fixed ordering them.


This is their cashier.
Their outlet is pretty small.
The cashier is connected to their kitchen so they make their drinks in the back of the cashier.
We can call their kitchen is the open kitchen.


This is their sitting area.
Me and my friend were sitting here.
As we can see there’s only two chair in one table while there’s three of us.
So, we took one another table and chair and put it together.


We stayed there for two hours, from 8 pm to 10 pm.
Even in 10 pm, there’s still many people outside.
The reason is because its Saturday night.
It doesn’t feel like there’s pandemic happening in my city.
Well, what should i say, because i am the same too.
Because I went out to hang out too with my friends.
I just try my best to always be clean when I’m outside and when i am inside of the house.



This is what i ordered.
There are three choices of their new drink variant, which is:

  • Signature Biscoff Dalgona with Hokkaido Milk Pudding
  • Dirty Biscoff Dalgona with Hokkkaido Milk Pudding
  • Salted Caramel Biscoff Dalgona with Hokkaido Milk Pudding

So, out of the three of them, i choose to buy the salted caramel Biscoff Dalgona with Hokkaido milk pudding.
The cashier recommend that one for me because she said that she saw many people ordering that drink since the promo begun.
I initially want to order the signature Biscoff dalgona with Hokkaido milk pudding but the cashier told me its such a waste if i buy that one since its the free variant.
So, for the free drink its only one variant which is the signature one.
For the drink, i was surprised when i first try them because i was welcomed with such a strong cinnamon flavor.
I was surprised and i thought it was ginger a first.
But then i realized that its cinnamon and then started to enjoy the drink (i dont like ginger).
I love Xi Bo Ba’s Hokkaido Milk Pudding and will actually prefer that more than boba itself.
Their milk pudding is so soft and sweet.
That is the main reason why i enjoyed their matcha series too, its because they started using the milk pooping started from there.
For people that doesn’t like the taste of cinnamon in their drink will absolutely will not like this drink because the cinnamon taste in this drink is very dominant.



This is the free one.
I took it home because i want to give them to my sister.

In the end, the money that i spent is only 31.000 idr for two drinks.
I enjoyed them so much and i hope they will often make a promotion like this.