Surviving Quarantine: Fun Things to do that you Never Thought

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By now i think most of you are staying home due to the quarantine,strict measures or fear. I also believe that in a way you are bored and tried out many different things to kill that boredom .Don't be afraid though, i am here for you!

Watch a movie or work out.... Nahh these things are for amateurs!

I will share my unlimited knowledge with you all and give you some great ideas to kill time. i will also tell you what are the benefits of staying home 24/7, but most likely this will be a part 2! Let's get started!

Great Fucking Ideas To Kill Time

1) Explore Your House

It's time to become an adventurer! I know you have watched all those Indiana Jones films but now you need to step up and discover the secrets of your house. First things first, find a proper outfit. You can go on this adventure solo or with a party (your family). Discover what lies beneath the ancient ruins of your couch. Did you find some coins or just dirt?

Then march straight to the refrigerator! You can take all the food you need for you travel as well as water from the fountain nearby that's called "The faucet". There are some unexplored rooms left such as the "Bedrooms". In your search there, you may discover the secret room called the "Bathroom" where you can lie a bit and relax!

If you wanna play this on hard more, before you even begin your journey there is a limit to what you can carry in your backpack. That's why in case you wanna some rice, the limit is exactly 153 seeds of rice, so you better count them carefully!

2) Become The Toilet Paper King

This is quite the idea and ofc an achievement only a few have. First, you need to order or go out and buy all the toilet papers you can find. Why you ask? Because everybody does it ,but you are not everybody. You are above them so you MUST have more toilet paper than those peasants. Then when you have enough toilet paper for years it's time to have some fun with it.

You can make castles and thrones out of toilet paper and be the one and only Toilet Paper King! If you feel a little generous you can do giveaways via your social media and share a little bit of your wealth. Money,Cars,Consoles,Gift Cards are some of the giveaway things most of people do, but it's so 2019!

3) Start The Conspiracy Theories

This is one of the best things you can actually do. The main reason to that is because you can never run out of ideas. Literally behind the corona virus can be anyone! The guy that ate the bat? Some other guy that made him ate the bat? The whole Chinese government? The Americans? The Illuminati?

Who knows?

Maybe i do? Maybe just maybe i am behind all of these? or your creepy neighbor next door is responsible for all this mess. Let me give you an example. Let's say that actually all of this came from a Chinese guy that ate a bat. That guy may previously be an apple worker. Your neighbor bought an apple product but had some issues and because he is one of the "i wanna talk to the manager" type of people, the whole issue reached Apple's factory in China and he lost his job. Then without much money he ate whatever he could find and one of the cheap options was the bat

How does that sound like? Do you have other theories?

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