Sewing Machine Cover And A Question

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It's Monday again and I have two challenges to post in. So here I am with another sewing post, this time a different one, not a bag but a sewing machine cover that I needed to protect my sewing machine from dust and fluff. And I have a question for you, I really would like to ask your opinion on something, so I'm posting the sewing machine cover first and if you're not interested, scroll down for the question and leave a comment please.


After I cleaned my sewing machine last week and saw home dirty it can get, I thought a cover would be nice to protect it in case I'm leaving it out for a longer period. Usually I'm storing it in a cardboard box.


The sewing machine mat you see on the first photo was made of 12cm x 12 cm squares and I thought I'd respect that and make the cover the same style. These jeans are mostly what I would not use for bags as these are elasticated, stretchy, therefor not good for the purpose. Bags need firm fabric, not stretchy. Here on the other hand it's not so important, especially that it's for my own use.


So here there are the squares sewed together. I tried to make it more interesting by mixing the colors a little.


It looked good on the sewing machine but needed a lining because the back looked like this.


Because it's made of pieces, there's a high chance it's going to fill the sewing machine with fluffs and I get the opposite of what I wanted. So I applied a lining but unfortunately was in a rush and forgot to take photos.


So this is the front.


And this is the back.


It's not high quality but it's for me and fits my needs.

Now comes the question 😃

Those of you who are reading my blog know I'm designing denim bags and using shirts as lining. Basically I'm upcycling jeans and shirts. Usually I'm buying what I can get in the second hand shop when everything is on sale but it's high quality as these are almost new but not trendy anymore.


There's this pink shirt. I hate pink but for some unknown reason I like this shirt. I was thinking of using for a bag as lining but I was told that would be the end of the world, in other words, it was a big NO.

Tell me honestly if you would buy a bag with this lining. Any feedback is welcome 🙂

So this is my contribution to #needleworkmonday.


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