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This year the gardening season is very different, we've never had such a year honestly. When the covid-19 pandemic started to spread and it became obvious that traveling won't be possible, shopping will be limited, we knew we're in trouble. Plus my dad's health problems added to the mix made us realize we may lose this season completely.

When the lockdown came in we were stuck in the city with more than 200 seedlings. The neighbor came to visit on the 15th of March, the last day before the lockdown and we were clever enough to send the onion and garlic sets, hoping we can go next week and plant them. That didn't happen as the next day the lockdown came into place ans we could not leave.


The Surprise

Saturday was the second day after the lockdown was lifted and we went to see the property. This is what we saw. Onions and garlic growing in the garden.


Turns out the neighbors were kind enough to plant them for us when it was time. They knew there's no way we can get there on time and they did it for us. We're lucky to have such god neighbors, honestly. Their good deed will not remain rewarded. It turns out we have also carrots and parsley as well, also thanks to them and they wanted to plant potatoes as well.


Nature On Her Own

Regardless of the pandemic or other situations influencing people's life, nature is always doing her job. The raspberries are growing nicely.



I'm trimming them every year to cut the old, dried branches. This is recommended to be done every year but this year it's too late for that. They are flowering already and trimming them can do more damage than good, so maybe next year.



Raspberries and currants are important as these are the only fruits growing in the garden. These are the source of my organic fruit supply that I'm using to make jams every year.


Currants should have been trimmed as well but just like raspberries, they have to wait another year.


Even though they haven't got the necessary care, they are growing nicely and if nothing bad happens (hail or frost), the harvest will be good. Better be as I have clients for the jam already, waiting :)


Black Currants

This is the black currant I bought from the supermarket in February. The neighbor who came to visit us took it there and later planted it as he knew we couldn't. When we got there on Saturday, this beauty could not look happier. It has been taken care of, watered regularly. Can you ask for more? I don't think so.

This is very important for me as black currant is the best source if you need vitamins. I'm usually buying syrup, made of cold pressed fruits but it's very expensive. This is only one and far from enough to make syrup for the whole family but we're going to eat is as it is, which is even better. This is really #naturalmedicine. The best if you are anemic but even if you're not, it's the best to boost your immune system.



These are also growing nicely, it's full of gooseberry. Looks like this year we're going to have plenty.


These are young still, were planted a couple of years ago but are already giving a lot of fruits.



Elder Flower

I was hoping to find the elder already flowering but no luck there. In the city many are flowering already but I guess I have to wait for another two weeks or maybe three.


No worries, I still have some from last year. This is essential for me as I'm using it to make tea and sometimes in jams as it gives a good flavor. I know this is clean, organic, no chemicals used here and pollution is minimal there, especially this year as the lockdown has cleaned the air.



My other source of fresh, organic tea supply. Last year we got some from the neighbor ans also bought a pot from the supermarket and as mint is growing like crazy, this year we're going to have plenty as it seems. I'm very happy as mint tea is not only good but healthy as well. Why buy from the shop and poison yourself with plastic bags leaving micro particles in your tea when you can have the real deal, the healthy one.



This is another plant that needs no care at all. Actually you can't even get rid of it as it grows back in no time. It has the roots so deep you can never cut them out and it's renewing itself all the time from the roots. We're using it for pickles and salads. It's excellent for cucumber pickles and beetroot salad. Also made with vinegar and served with meat.



This is the other spice that should never be missing from my kitchen. It's very popular around here. I'm using it with vinegar, basically I"m flavoring the vinegar with it. These are also from the neighbor, we got them last year and now they are growing nicely.



Lovage is another perennial plant that I'm using to flavor vinegar ind in vegetable soups.


It's a bit stronger than the others, so use it carefully but it's heavenly good. This is also very popular here.

It is recommended to harvest the fresh edges, leaves mostly but the stem as well and dry if you want or store in vinegar.

So this is how things stand, this is what mother nature could do on her own during the pandemic lockdown, without our help. Things look great at the moment, it looks like we're not going to miss out, we're still in time even thought the 200 seedlings we were trying to grow in my apartment turned out to be a complete waste. We can still buy seedlings from trusted sources and the neighbor was kind enough to plant our seeds in the greenhouse. Those are growing nicely.

This is my contribution to #fruitsandveggiesmonday hosted and run by two lovely vegan ladies, @lenasveganliving, @plantstoplanks.

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