Disaster Is Just Around The Corner

in GEMSlast year

Today was the third day after the lockdown ended. It was raining on and off pretty much all day, so I guess not much was going on on the streets. Yesterday however was a different story.


To Much Is Too Much

We've been in lockdown for two months that ended on May 15. It wasn't like in the Scandinavian countries where authorities hasn't been forced to declare emergency state and use all the police and the army as well, as people over there understood that gravity of the situation and listened to the government's recommendations.

During the two months lockdown the amount of fines given to those who have broken the rules one way or another has risen to the sky. It's 120 million euros they say. It's an enormous amount no matter how you look at it. The fact that the constitutional court says it's unconstitutional, that's another matter.

The approach of the authorities has been to make people respect the rules at any costs, giving out fines every step of the way. Maybe they have thought the money from the fines could be used for various purposes, I don't know.

The fact is, this nation grew up learning to break the rules, to cut corners and do everything to survive. That was all communism had learnt them. It was a very bad system. It's been over for 30 years now but some can't change.


The Worst Is Yet To Come

I've been out shopping at the beginning of the week and got home shocked by what's going on on the streets and in shops.

Shopping trolleys are stored in front of the supermarket, the place is decided, sanitized and used trolleys should be stored separately. There's a huge sign shouting which is which. The thing is no one cares. People are mixing them as they please and no shop worker is sanitizing them. I guess the sanitizing rule does not apply there.

A guy is taking everyone's temperature, which is pretty much useless if you ask me. If you have a higher temperature than normal, you stay home and call your doctor. No need for a guy in front of the door.



People are wearing masks under their chin, touching the mask with their bare hands and disrespecting social distancing rules.

I believe everyone is fed up with lockdown and isolation and don't care about anything anymore. Many don't realize the end of the lockdown does not mean the end of pandemic.

Making people fear led nowhere. Statistics about infected people and deaths led nowhere. Two months of talking about the danger we're living in led nowhere.

From now on I suppose life becomes a survival game. Survive or die. There's no other choice.

I'm cautious as much as I can and trying to protect everyone around me but I guess that's not enough. I feel sorry for the elders who are not protect in any way and are at huge risk created by the ignorant and stupid.

This is not right, people should be more self-conscious and if they can't help, at least avoid causing problems.

I expect the number of infected people and death to rise. Let's hope I'm wrong about this.