Which place sold the most delicious Indonesian Traditional Cakes?

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share our experience in eating Indonesian Traditional Cakes. Like what i told you in my last article, yesterday i had lunch in a restaurant which also had a bakery inside. After the lunch we wanted to buy some sweets to take home so we took a look at their bakery.


Here they sold indonesian traditional cakes and bread.




They also had some boiling food like sweet potato, taro, corn or nuts. They opened since 7am so at lunch time, not much boilings left. We picked some we wanted.


Then we went to the cashier table to pay. Oh yeah, here they also sold some cakes with icing sugar on tops.


Then, not far from it, there was also a supermarket where we usually love to buy some indonesian traditional cakes too, Santa supermarket.


They sold cakes and breads in front of their cashiers.


After bought some things we then chose some cakes to buy.
Here, a waiter would help to take the tray for you and help pick up the cake you choose to buy. Good service! And although it was not a big supermarket, all the workers here were really nice and friendly, the owner even check the supermarket by himself, he also put the things sold correctly in this supermarket.

We paid it with the things we bought in the cashier.


I took mom's photo outside the supermarket.

She was holding two boxes of cakes.

At home i opened all and we ate it at tea time.


Let me check what we had


From Santa 88



The Taste

  1. Boiled Taro with Grated Coconut - it tasted sweet naturally and the coconut tasted savory.

  2. Beef Arem-arem - tasted savory and chilli, the beef and chilli inside were too dry which was not good, the rice outside was also didn't have a good texture. It was yuck, not ok for me.

  3. Cantik Manis - tasted only sweet. Not recommended too.

  4. Nagasari - tasted ordinary and only sweet. Nothing special.

  5. Boiled sweet potato - here after i unskinned it, so delicious with soft sweet natural flavour.

From Santa Supermarket



  1. Beef arem-arem - it tasted sweet, a bit savory and spicy with green chilli. The rice texture was nice, not hard and not too soft. It was much better than from santa 88. You could compare it below.

they were so different!

  1. Kue Mangkok - if you translated it into english it became bowl cake, maybe because of the shape of it kind of small bowl. It had sweet flavour, soft texture with the savory grated coconut. Mom really loved it!

  2. Kue pepe - tasted so good, soft sweet a bit savory and soooo tasty. I really loved it, the most delicious kue pepe i have ever tasted!!!

  3. Kroket (croquet) - it had sweet savory flavour. Inside was mashed potato with chicken. Just normal flavour, nothing special.

The Price


Left and right, santa supermarket was a bit higher cause the kue mangkok was each 11,000 IDR but it was ok, not too high and also tasted so good. Like you could see, the santa 88 costed us around 2.16 USD for 5 pcs, while santa swalayan costed us around 3.51 USD so all was just 5.67 USD.

Come and try indonesian authentic traditional cakes too!

For my battle, i chose santa supermarket for the indonesian cakes!

Business information
Santa 88
6th, Cipaku I street
South Jakarta
open daily 7am-5pm

Santa Supermarket
82, Wolter Mongensidi street
South Jakarta
open daily 9am-8pm

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