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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share what mom and i had for our lunch on Sunday. The restaurant where we had our lunch was located on 5th level Plaza Indonesia, Central Jakarta. We had never gone to this restaurant before, so this was our first time there. The restaurant itself was booming here, many good testimonial for this restaurant and this was not their first branch.

The Outlook

Here how the restaurant looked like


The Dining Area


It had a large dining area, really large one with cozy surrounding. When we came at around 11 am something luckily not many customers were there. We were at the dining area inside.

Look how many customers came later. I took this photos before we got back.



The Menu


Here they had the various kind of US sliced beef for the shabu-shabu. The choice would be depended on the package that you chose. For the soup you could choose one among 3 choices of soup, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki and spicy miso. Shabu-shabu had savory flavour, sukiyaki had sweet flavour and spicy for the miso. If you chose two kind of soup, would be an extra charge or you should upgrade your package to the more expensive one. The side dish you could choose were vegetables (only few of choices), chicken balls, ramen and udon. For the dessert they only had two kind of desserts, mochi and also ice cream (really few). Eventhough they said it was all you can eat (ayce) restaurant, all would be delivered to our table (weird), the choices of food was also not vary for the ayce restaurant. Even they didn't take us to the drink corner and also vegetable stall to choose. They didn't give the menu of them too, so difficult to choose. It was totally not free there.

And we needed to wait around 20 minutes to get the beverage delivered. And then another 30 minutes to get the soup and the meat delivered. Soooooooo long time to wait there hope the taste would be delicious enough.

The Beverage


I chose the infused water, they said it was lemon and mint. But it had only sour flavour and the glass was fishy. I even couldn't taste the mint at all.

Mom chose the orange juice, she needed to wipe her glass to reduce the fishy smell. The orange juice had fresh juice flavour, it was much better than mine. And we were surprised when mom ask for the free flow drink, they said they didn't have another clean glass and the waitress took mom's glass to refill it. We thought that it was not hygienic at all.

The Food and Taste


These were the main dishes, US sliced beef. Each person got 2 plates. They only brought a plate of mixed vegetables for us (had chinese cabbage, pakcoy, sliced carrot, enoki, etc). We asked for an extra plate of vegetable but they didn't give it. They had lack of waitress here, only two for this large dining area. Imagine!

Mom put the sesame sauce for the dipping, while me, i kept mine original.


Here were the sliced beef, two kind of it, US chuck eyeroll and US short plate. One with fat and other non fat. The beef indeed was tasty but it had not good smell at all, the imported meat tasted less delicious than the local one. The local one we have always tastier and always smells so good, i recommend you to try Indonesian local beef! With these imported beef we needed to put much garlic and also leak.

The soup we chose was shabu-shabu, it had light savory flavour. Put more salt on your bowl to make it more savory. The soup itself didn't have any special authentic flavour so we thought it was just so-so and nothing special.


Mom put the vegetables to cook it with the beef. They had fresh vegetables but the variant was a few. I put chilli on my bowl to give some spicy flavour in it.


The ramen and also chicken balls came lately then. They were cooked by the waitress. She cooked the chicken balls first. It had soft texture and it had light savory flavour.


Waiting around 10-15 minutes later, she helped to cook the ramen for us. This one had special sauce with had garlic flavour. It had sweet and a bit savory flavour plus the noodle had a perfect tasty texture. Their ramen was the most delicious here! So tasty...


Later they finally brought some shitake mushroom i had ordered. We ate it with the shabu-shabu.


While we had our lunch some customer complained about their service cause the food didn't deliver until a long time of waiting... and finally some other waiters from the kitchen came to help the two waitress.

And now the dessert time, we tried both of their menu for dessert. We had mochi and also ogura ice cream. The pink mochi had red bean while the green one had pandan flavour filling (weird cause it supposed to be green tea, right). Soft mochi with not too sweet filling.


The other dessert was ogura ice cream. Soft, smooth, cold and sweet. Plus it had some soft red bean. Mom loved it cause it wasn't too sweet and the flavour was totally correct.


The Beverage and Vegetables corner



Before paid to the cashier we passed the beverage and vegetables corner which they didn't let us to check first before we had taken our seats. Not a good service i think, but i appreciated the waitress who cooked for us.

They also had some other tables on the dining area at front near the cashier. Many customers were there when we wanted to go to the cashier table.


The Price

We paid 324,852 IDR or around 23 USD for the lunch.


So wanna try ayce but not self service here?
Momo paradise
5th level Plaza Indonesia
Central Jakarta
Open daily 11am-9pm


Lovely pictures you've got and I will really love to taste recipes as well. Lovely post @devyleona

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