Real Meatballs for Our Lunch

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Today we went to Grand Indonesia, a shopping center which was located on Central Jakarta. We craved for the real beef meatballs which sold in one of a food stall which was located on 5th floor west mall, Food Print area.


Here how the stall looked like


Now to order you needed to scan the barcode to see the menu, order then paid.


Here was our lunch


Due to the government restriction now the dine in only served 25% of their capacity. And we needed to keep in a quite far distance. Even mom and i needed to across a tree haha. Like usually the foodcourt had a large, clean and neat area. So hygienic.


The taste


The meatballs like usually tasted great. It contained the real beef. We had the meatballs tofu, the mushroom meatballs and the flat meatballs. All tasted savory and so tasty. The different thing would be the flat one was more smooth than the ball shaped one. But all was delicious.

For the lunch we paid only 70,001 IDR or around 5 USD after the cashback.

So wanna try the real meatballs?
4A floor Food Print
Grand Indonesia Shopping Center
Central Jakarta
open daily 11am-7pm

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