Mom's simple & delicious dish: Steamed Beef & Egg

in GEMSlast year (edited)


Hello, friends especially foodies!

Today i would like to share one of my favorite food which mom cooked, Steamed beef and egg. She only used the rice cooker to cook it.

The ingredients:
125 gram of non fat australian minced beef
1 egg (here we called it telur kampung which had high nutrition inside)
1 garlic, chopped
a teaspoon of salt
a spoon of soy sauce

How to make it is quite simple.

First, put the beef on a small bowl then put the egg on its' top. Then mix it. Boil the water, after it reached 100 degrees, pour it on the bowl, only around 50 ml. Then put in the ricecooker in cooking mode, put the water below it then wait for around 30-40 minutes to get it ready.

Then, voila, you could enjoy it.


I bring it to work and eat it with rice for the lunch.


It tasted savory and tasty. Really delicious. You should try to cook and eat it too. Happy cooking and also eating :)!

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