Delicious dinner at home: Fried Rice and Chicken Cordon Bleue

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share our experience in tasting delicious food from home. Yes, we limited our frequencies to dine outside, it would only a day in a week. This time i ordered from one of popular restaurant here, in this restaurant you could order from asian to western, and all were already matched with Indonesian taste.

I ordered it online so we needed to wait around 30-40 minutes to get the order delivered cause it was quite popular so many customers buy in this restaurant too. Here how our dinner looked like


Mom ordered special fried rice, one of the best menu from this restaurant. While me, i didn't want rice so i ordered their chicken cordon bleue which served with french fries and salad.


The fried rice had savory, sweet and a bit spicy flavour. It was not greasy and also it had some toppings like fishballs, chicken, chilli and of course the sunny side up on the top which made it tastier :). Mom enjoyed her dinner and i also tasted her sunny side up, so tasty cause it was half fried. Perfect fried rice!


Mine was also tasty. It had chicken breast and inside was mozarella cheese with smoked beef. It had savory flavour with sweet sauce they had. It completed with fries, crispy and had perfect texture cause they were also soft. The salad was so fresh with the mayonaise they gave. Perfect dinner for me too!

And the price for our dinner was only 66,901 IDR or around 4.68 USD, cause i got some discount :).


So wanna try our tasty food too?

1st floor Gajah Mada Plaza
West Jakarta
Open daily 10am-9pm

You could also order it online like we did