Authentic Indonesian Snacks for Our Dessert

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

This time I would like to share what I bought for the dessert, this time I bought us some Authentic Indonesian Snacks, it was sweet and black. Beside this, I also bought some other snacks for our second dinner. I never tried to buy the Indonesian Snacks here, but it was one of the seller that sold quite much kind of Indonesian snacks.

Here how our snacks looked like


Now do you know what I mean with black sweet?

If you don’t, let me explain. The black sweet was pisang goreng madu (fried honey banana)… the other snacks we had were ubi goreng (fried sweet potatoes) plus urap manis singkong jagung (Sweet Cassava Corn with coconut). Look so tasty now let me share about the flavour.

Let me started from the sweet potato


The sweet potato cut in long size, they used 3 kind of sweet potatoes for this snack. Then it was coated with special ingredients flour then it was deep fried. The taste of it was sweet with crunchy not hard skin. Tasty and delicious. Wanna try?

Next would be the sweet Cassava corn


It had sweet flavour (if you add the sugar they gave) and savory tasty from the coconut. The corn and cassava itselves were boiled until soft. Also tasty!

The Last one would be the black sweet


It had crunchy texture with really sweet banana honey inside. It also deep fried with flour coated. Some parts were a bit hard cause it was rocky but you also could find the tasty soft part here. Dare to try the black one?

For the snacks, we paid 78,340 IDR but luckily I got 25,458 points which worth as the IDR. So it was 52,882 IDR or around 3.7 USD for all, and it was delivered to our house.


So wanna try the black sweet and also her friends?

Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik
Tanjung Duren Raya – West Jakarta
Open daily 10am-9pm

And good thing is you could order it via transport apps like I did