🌄 ADVENTURES 18 - Sailing (Thailand) - The Ocean Marina

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I had some really amazing adventures in Thailand and it started with a sailing course that I did in a small village called Ban Ampuur.


The course lasted two weeks and it was a really great introduction to sailing.


We started out in the classroom, learning some navigation skills. The room where we were learning is shaped like the hull of a ship, which really added to atmosphere.

photo_2020-04-30_15-02-58 (2).jpg

We started out by plotting a course and planning a day trip to one of the small islands not far from the marina.


A view of the marina from the hotel where our classroom was located.


In the afternoon, we took a walk to get a first look of the Constanza, the sailboat we would be using for our course.

photo_2020-04-30_15-03-03 (2).jpg

There are lots of small cupboards and hatches so that everything can be secured when the weather is rough.


Of course, we ended the day by sampling some of the local beers.


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