Environmental pollution and its harmful effects, my Wednesday walk thoughts

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Hello Friends,

We are part of nature. So, when we get closer to nature, our mind gets better and the fatigue of the body goes away. But the way we are polluting the environment, it is threatening for our future generations to live in a better planet. This afternoon while walking I was enjoying the natural beauty as well as looking at the materials of environmental pollution which are mentioned through this post.



After a long time, I went out for a walk on Wednesday. Now the emphasis is only on maintaining proper PPE and social distances to fight against COVID 19. Everyone has understood by now that we have to live with COVID 19. So, coronavirus panic has decreased in everyone mind. Anyway, today I was walking along a lake. What I saw while walking made me very worried. I saw people piled up garbage on the shores of the lake which is very harmful to the environment.



There was a lot of non-biodegradable material in those garbage. Plastic materials were one of them. I saw polythene waste and plastic jar were left on the soil beside the lake. Various scientific studies have shown that this plastic material does not decompose in the soil year after year.



Because these plastic materials are not perishable, plants do not grow properly in places where plastic is lying. All of these products trap drains and cause waterlogging at various times.


These waste materials gradually flow into the sea from the canal and river channel and create water pollution. Non-biodegradable products in particular are more responsible for this pollution. Many times whales and other sea animals are seen dead on the beach. Subsequent studies have shown that such indigestible substances cause aquatic life to die due to poisoning and indigestion.


We supposed to know that more than 1 billion pounds of waste is dumped into the sea every year. Most of them are plastic and non-biodegradable materials. It is very sad and dangerous at the same time. So, it is high time to stop plastic pollution. One of the causes of plastic pollution is the use of polythene bags. So, immediately we need to reduce the use of plastic bags and find alternatives.


Today I enjoyed some of the beauties of nature in addition to the natural pollution while walking. Flowers and plants are a part of the boundless beauty of nature. Sharing some pictures. Hope you will enjoy.





Stay safe and healthy.

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