My original song "Tranquility" and my description about how I produced this track.

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This is "Tranquility" and you can listen to it by pre-saving it from the link below in spotify:


This is one of my peaceful and relaxing songs which I have produced it in 2018 and in this project I started it with piano chords, but not usual chords which I was usually using and it also has a dreamy reverb on its mixer channel, then I added an arpeggio of synths and strings added after some seconds, then it all started to play along with a drums and my acoustic guitar's melodies and some atmospheric synths, shortly some emotional piano melodies comes in another layer.

then guitar rhyme and piano continues along with all the other instruments till 1:39 which I make a mix of 2 Guitar melodies. I try to keep the mood with piano and strings till the end of the composition but also I was thinking to make it like a dream, so in the end when I added the synth, it slowly changed its pitch and kept playing till the end.


Thanks for your supports,

Peace & Love!


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Thank you so much

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