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Once upon a time, there was a carpenter named Shivam. He used to work in a company. He had spent many years working in the company. He lived away from his family. Now he wanted to leave the company and go to his family.

One day he told the manager of the company - Sir, now I cannot work anymore. I want to go to my family. All my life was spent at work. I never got time to spend time with my family. The manager said - OK, if you want to go then you can go, but go on doing one last thing.

After this we will all leave you for good. Will do a big party (Farewell), because you have given this company so many years. Served it with a sincere heart. This last project is just for 2 months. He did not want to, but he gets ready to work.

Now Shivam had started working, but not with that much heart. His focus was on when he would go home. He was working but not by heart. 2 months passed while doing so. Shivam somehow finished that work. Now the manager came to see the house with Shivam.

Shivam said - Sir, can I now go home, I have completed your work. As soon as Shivam started going by saying this, the manager stopped him and said - Shivam please come inside with me, where are you going outside? He said, Sir, I have to go home.

The manager said - So whose house is this?

Shivam said - Sir, I did not understand anything. Manager said - Shivam, this house is yours. This is a gift from the company to you. Hearing this, as if the ground was shaken by Shivam's feet.

The manager left with the keys to the house. Shivam was thinking - Wish! I would have known earlier that this house is mine, so I would have built it very well. He thought - I wish! that time comes back, I will rebuild the house again, but the time has passed.

Friends, the same thing happens to all of us. When we have time, we spoil it like that. Then later regrets but what happens later. Once the time is out of hand, it's never comes. This is the custom of the time. Time is precious It should be used well.

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