Our happy trip to the forest

in GEMS3 years ago

We have been waiting so long for at least to go to the forest. Roma in general every day asked if it was possible on the street. But in connection with quarantine, we did not go out for a walk. Roma generally all day at home, at least I went outside. Already it becomes boring at home, although Roma and I are trying to find classes, we are engaged in self-development and also have fun) Mini does not let me and myself get bored)

How nice in a pine forest, there is such a pleasant pine smell. You can run, cry, jump, laugh out loud. We had a good time. Now again we will hide in the apartment)


I am from Spain and it's what I miss the most, a stroll in the woods but lockdown is still strict and an adult can't still go for a walk not even close if it's not first necessity or to buy food. In my case I just want to walk responsibly away from people. Yesterday they allowed parents to take out the kids and they misbehaved as if they haven't learned a thing so we were expecting adults to be able to go out for a health walk 2nd of may and I don't trust that anymore
looking forward to see my trees.
thanks for sharing yours!

Beautiful images! Upvote.



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