War-worn Bark

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War-worn Bark

| original poetry and photos |
|             by @d-pend              |
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War-worn Bark

Under layers of war-worn bark
Mycellial avenues flow,
Where pass the time microbial
Nocturnal fungi, glow
With unabating life, turn cold
The pulsing heartwood, mold
And mosses cushion gnosis
Of the wood-embunkered mindless
Who through grooves explore the vast
Of life turned miniature, hold fast
To failing infastructure, nap
Apocalyptic-dreaming, sap
And life-lush essence, laugh
One second more at gaffe
Made by a host so war-worn,
So ash-worthy and tar-torn
To be stood upon its grave
For a decade's rain to lave.

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Words and images by @d-pend,
Published on-chain April 5, 2020.

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