The chapel of the sun

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The chapel of the sun

original verse poetry
and photographs
by @d-pend


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The chapel of the sun

The chapel of the sun, worn masonry
and piercèd cloud that carries me
aloft to fancies subtle, cirrus-thin,
continuous above the din
of weariness and strife

Soft-calls me to a life —
where shadows build new circuitry,
dendritic sunspark rapid whispers me
the secret of the future face
transfigured of a new and holy place
under the cold and watchful gaze
of bough-cast neurons: polyphase,
web-contour of prodigy
creates and banishes the unseemly
and shocking happenstance.

In the glow, perchance —
I glimpse the em'rald outline of lush fate
that fleshes wireframe the mate
of expectation and delight:
surprise, exhilarated fright,
unlikely figures of steel sentinels
at watch as honeyed life sweet-mulls
the brew of storm and tempest-revelry —
a nourishing, sad symphony.

Sing, supplicants! The sun
Has built its chapel here, for agony
To be dispelled, arise sultry
The pastime fanciful of living well
To quiet spend, in quiet dwell
within the chapel green
the greater life, unseen.

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| Original writing and images |
        » - - - by @d-pend - - - - - - |
| — — — » published on-chain |
                      » - - April 16, 2020. |   

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