BTC is Raging Like A Bull 🐂 But Is It Just Another Tether Manipulation?

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What a good day to start the month of August, soon it will be September and the radio here will play Christmas songs already because there are no other jollier days than Christmas here in my country as people really celebrates it months before the 25th of December comes.

Anyway I just hope that BTC is not being manipulated because some analysts believes that Tether again is in the works as they print #Tether willy-nilly and buy #bitcoins with it before the said "crypto" or stable coin collapses. But for me if I would be the Tether owners I will just bribe the people are investigating so that the fun will never end for us all, don't you agree?

Anyway it is not too late to buy bitcoin especially altcoins at this time because BTC is predicted and projected to rise in the coming years so its price currently is relatively still cheap. Altcoins are talking the beating currently but will soon bounce after BTC would rest with its price appreciation and then it will be the instance for the Altcoin season to begin in my opinion.


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__ I Just Wished That There Is No Thether__

Most Altcoins follows the BTC price as if they are at the end of a whip gaining very large price fluctuations just what happened in the end of 2017 because BTC profit takers would buy altcoins which then makes the altcoin market invigorate with crazy high price actions.

Anyway a Tether manipulation or not it is a fact that Bitcoin will appreciate in value in the coming years which I hope I am still around when it happens. So holding bitcoin is never a bad decision because you can never gain back BTC if you sell and then BTc goes up then there is now way you can blame others but yourself. I am not wanting to say in the near future these lines "I wished that I had never sold my BTC."

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