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Cryptomission is steem mobile dapp.

Once you install, it is easy.
Just take a photo and share your action.

Introduction : https://steempeak.com/cryptomission/@cryptomission/cryptomission-starting-beta-service-now
Andrlid app download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twofastlane.cryptomission

Mission - Get up at six in the morning

  • Date : 2020.09.09 - 2020.09.15
  • All habits begin in the morning. The status of waking-up in the morning determines the direction of the day and how you spend the day. Set up regular life patterns and greet Miracle Morning.


  • Vefrifiable time : 05:30:00 - 06:10:00
  • Daily Certification count : 1 time(s)
  • Verifications : 5 times a week


  • Please take a photo with a hand writing “current date & wake-up”
  • Please take a photo of cup filled with water

How to join

1. Download Cryptomission app from google play.

Android download link

2. If you wish to participate, select the desired mission from the mission list.
3. Select a mission and send the desired participation fee (Steem).

@futureshock team forked steemconnect and made Steemlogin. It is steem third party steem signer app. Cryptomission integrate steemlogin for sending participation fee. We do not access the private key separately. https://steempeak.com/steemdev/@futureshock/change-steemconnect-for-steemlogin

4. When transaction is confirmed in steem blockchain, the application for participation is completed.
5. Mission certification is carried out through the transmission of the photo according to the mission information and guidance.
6. Prize money is distributed at the end of mission.


This posting's author reward is used as a prize for next missions.

Introduction posting : https://steempeak.com/cryptomission/@cryptomission/cryptomission-starting-beta-service-now
Android link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twofastlane.cryptomission


I have joined the app and will soon participate in this mission :)
Let's hope this to be beneficial for all of us :)

Once you complete your mission, you will get benefit.

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