It is Raining here

in GEMS4 years ago

​​​Hey Steemians !

Whats up guys ?

I hope you guys are having fun at your home.

Here the weather is very cool because of the raining. Cool Breez is blowing. I am Enjoying rain as i love raining. Rain gives me peaceful feelings that i cant express in words.

images 2.jpeg
image source

How is the weather there ?

Anyway ,Today is the first day of opening the markets. There was a rush of people in the markets.

To be honest , it seems people are still not taking corona Virus serious. People are ignoring all the preventive measures. People are not keeping Social distance.

Please Take preventive measures if you want to go out. Otherwise you are making things worse.

What do you think ?

Let me know your thoughts in comment section.

Thank you.

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