Everyone wants to Ride Bitcoin Train

in GEMS3 years ago

I remember the days when cronavirus started it's spread and Bitcoin crashed. I tried to catch the bottom but could not do so because of financial weakness.
Bitcoin surprised everyone today as it passes 23k in a day. Still it is going up and up. I'm Not that expert to predict it's price. But experts says it can go up $100k by The end of 2021.


Right now Everyone wants to Ride BTC train but some also fears that it may crash. Personally I don't think that It will crash. With the current Chart it looks like it it will cross 30k within next 7 days.
Crypto markets are green today and seems it's good time to enter into crypto world. Who thought yesterday that Bitcoin will jump from 19k to 23k in a day but here we go.
Many of us are regreting for not hodling BTC while hodlers are enjoying the bullrun.
What do you think about BTC price?
Is it safe now to Ride BTC train?
Let me know your thoughts in comment section.
Have a great day.

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