Food Photography - Gol Gappe / Puchka

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Being in lockdown is very tough for ladies especially for those who like a lot of street food. My wife is one of them, she likes Gol Gappa a lot and she goes out every week to have it in the nearby shop. Since the lockdown, its been 1 month and she hasn't tasted it. So being a good and understanding husband, I have got all the ingredients to make the Gol Gappe at home and it turns out to be a good experiment. Though the taste of homemade Puchka was not that great, but still its much more Hydenic than the street one. We have also learned a lot of things while preparing and will try again in a week's time.

The Gol Gappe has several names like Pani Puri, Phuchka, Paani ke Patashe, Pakodi, Paani Batashe, Gup Chup, Phulki, Tikki, etc but all tastes the same.

By the way, Gol Gappe does not have an English name but I can summarize it as Crisp spherical pockets of wheat flour filled with chickpeas, boiled potato, and Indian condiments. It is usually eaten with spiced tamarind water.





The recipe which we have referred is, though we have given our own touch based on the available ingredients in the lockdown.

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