This is what our US Troops Are Eating!

in GEMS4 years ago (edited)

I have been pretty much around military culture my whole 32+ years on this planet. My dad was in ALL of my childhood, adolescence, and very young adulthood. The was Army and became next to highest rank. He saw people's legs gets blown off and men die. He himself stepped on an IED (an underground explosive device)NOT, IUD, mmk, people.
Miraculously, it was non functioning and he stepped off unscathed.

Yada yada. I could go on telling you my story as a military kid, oldest of four, but I digress.

Early on my Dad would bring us military food the soldiers ate that were calorically dense, "on the good", HIGHLY processed GROSS MREs.

My fiance has many of these "cookie."They come with those propaganda laden labels. It's a basic sugar cookie, sprayed generously with:


Just kidding but the cookie was sprayed with

I don't think our troops get food marginally better, if at all than modern day prisoners we fill our ountry with. Thanks. Look forward to reading your thoughts.



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