Take Me Anywhere but Here Mom! Crazy COVID19 Stats, Steemit

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I got some fresh produce in this box. This buddy immediately jumped in. His expression seems to say, "ship me somewhere else now!" I'm almost feeling about the same way. I live in a town with roughly 200,000 and 4,300 have COVID19. Roughly a month back my STATE had that many cases not my town. Ridiculous! I really am scared to leave my house! Regardless, of the fact I tested negative, that's been two months ago and I feel sick.

I feel like Steemit has tumbleweeds running through the blockchain. Are my posts boring? LOL.... Any nice critiques? Are there better tags I should be using? Seems I do well on a post then get like ten upvotes on the next. Frustratingly weird.

Here's my other baby, she seems like she is cool staying in my house in the box, at home of course.


Any input or comments would be most helpful.
Thanks for reading!




Hi @chelsea88, thanks for the great post. My name is Soyoung Park, a doctoral student who studies Steemit users’ value-making activities and personal data practices.

I write to invite you to a short survey about your Steemit activities. This should take no more than 15 min, and will give you 5-Steem coins upon your completion. If you are interested, please take the survey using this link: https://utexas.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_ePzVeLUf8BCladf

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