A multipurpose basket, especially dedicated to women's day.

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March 8 is International Women's Day, a day to fight for equality, participation and empowerment of women in all areas of society. It is celebrated in many countries around the world. In some of these countries it is a national holiday.


I want to start this post not without wishing all women, friends, sisters, acquaintances, a wonderful, great, wonderful day. Venezuelan woman, thrown pa'lante, hardworking, beautiful, flirtatious, affectionate, with the heels well placed, the one who resolves, witty, creative, the one who resolves, the one who raises the boys, the thrower of joke, spoiler, warrior, friend, faithful, to us a happy day, God bless us today and forever!


A very special basket.

Hello my dear friends, lovers of beautiful things. Today I come to bring you a basket made with just a little bit of fabric, ribbons and wadding, very easy to make. I tell you that finally I could send to fix my machine that was sick since December, thanks to your support I could have the money to tell the technician to come and give her her treatment and she was like new.


1st step: We cut out 2 squares that measure 24 x 24 cm. We also cut out a wadding with the same size.

Step 2: We take out a pattern on paper measuring 24 x 24 cm and make the shape of this image, measuring 6 cm from the outside to the inside, draw some lines and cut out the pattern.

Note: We take this pattern out only to mark in the next step on the canvas, at no time we are going to cut the canvas.

Step 3: Superimpose the pattern we made on paper on the canvas and mark the center with colored chalk. Then, we make it enough or we fix it to the fabric with a needle and thread so that it does not run when we pass the machine.

Step 4: We cut 18-centimetre strips and from the corner we measure 5 centimetres to each side, mark and then fix the strip or strips with a needle and thread stitch. When we have all the tapes in place, we will fix all the stitches towards the centre of the work so as not to run the risk of passing the machine over them when sewing.

Step 5: Superimpose the other fabric square facing straight on. We pass the machine with a straight seam and leave a small opening where we are going to turn. Before turning, cut the corners a little.

Step 6: Turn over, take out the corners and iron, close the opening with an invisible seam. Then we pass the sewing machine through which we mark with the paper and do the same towards the corners as shown in the image.

Here I present the final result of our project of the day, I want to dedicate it to all my friends of this wonderful platform, especially to a girl @raidhi alvarado who yesterday expressed her affection with some nice words. Through her I want to thank everyone again who, like her, gives me a minute of their time to give me their love and support in each of my works.


You can give this type of basket infinity of uses, particularly I have made it to decorate the rooms of the babies, but also you can make them to put the bread on the table. The size is another point that can vary. Maybe more in front you can make them so you can see how it looks made with kitchen cloths.

With these lines I say goodbye for today, I leave you all my love and I send you many blessings and remember,

The task is to be happy.

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Happy International Women's Day @carolinacardoza! What a lovely basket and the print is very cute with the bunny and teddy bear. Thank you for sharing with us the steps. I like how you added the ribbons for each corner, makes this a perfect gift for young ones too to put their jewellery.

Hello Marmoleado, I'm glad to see that you liked it. I use it to put my sardius and watch, that is, the clothes I wear the most.

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That is the cutest little basket that I have ever seen :)

So beautiful, thank you for always supporting me. I think it's love that makes me want to do my best.

Beautiful basket and a precise explanation. This would be so useful to for jewelleries or yarn... (ok I admit, I am yarn obsessed :-DD)
And I wish you also all the best for women‘s day

Qué hermoso, no soy buena en las manualidades pero cuando veo esto me provoca hacer algo tan lindo jaja ¡Gracias por compartirlo!

estupendo trabajo amiga. Saludos

Un hermoso trabajo el que nos compartiste @carolinacardoza. Apoyado #toptres del día.

Como siempre un trabajo espectacular desde tus manos mágicas y bendecidas, querida @carolinacardoza. me encantó de principio a fin, te abrazo y te apoyo en el #toptres.

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