The Answers Lie Within Your Heart

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What decision must be made? What action must be taken? What do we do?

All of the answers to these questions reside within the heart, the place of eternal wisdom and truth.

The heart does not discriminate, hold grudges, cloud issues, or hold onto the past. Instead the heart retains truth through empathy and through creation.

When it comes to making a decision and choosing between difficult options, it's best to slow down the mind and listen to the heart. By slowing down the breath and allowing yourself to feel the rhythm of your heartbeat, you can bring your focus within and find a place of pure intuition and awareness. From here you can hear your heart speak, and hear the emotional intelligence it possesses.

See, the heart is intelligent, and just like the brain and the gut, is in constant communication with us. Our job is to slow down, listen, and hear that internal wisdom so we can apply it in our lives.

Next time something comes up when you must make a tough decision, slow down and listen to the heart for the answer. I promise it's there, just waiting to be heard.

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