Visual Arts: The Creations of Sagmeister & Walsh

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Sagmeister & Walsh is a New York City design firm comprised of Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. His clients include Levis, HBO, Adobe, Capitol Records, Autodesk, Vitra, Red Bull, BMW, The New York Times, Lou Reed, Columbia University, Jay Z, Brian Eno, Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, David Byrne, AIGA and the Guggenheim Museum, among others.

Stefan Sagmeister is Austrian, and has also worked for Rolling Stone and The Talking Heads. His work has been exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Paris, Lausanne, Zurich, Vienna, Prague, Cologne and Berlin. On her side Jessica Walsh is American and has won design awards from the Type Director's Club, Art Director's Club, SPD, Print, and Graphis. She has also received distinctions from sites such as Computer Art's "Top Rising Star in Design," and another from Print Magazine's "New Visual Edge."





Source of all images: the Sagmeister & Walsh website.

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