Architecture and Urbanism: Eroticism for architects

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A while ago, while I was checking Facebook, I saw a collection of photos that a former student shared that he titled ‘Eroticism for architects’, and after the inevitable laugh, it seemed like an excellent name for a post, so here it is.

Architects are strange beings, and not necessarily in the bad sense of the word, but in one more, let's say, harmless. We look at everything: sounds, colors, smells, shadows, texture, lighting, and a long etcetera of all our surroundings, since each and every one of us lives in, and, surrounded by architecture, only that architects look at it as with X-ray gaze.

I usually tell my students that when they start to look at everything, when they start to criticize everything, or make comments or questions about a site and those who accompany them stare at them with a 'what ?!' face, they are already there beginning to see the world with the eyes of an architect. And while we can be very critical about what we see, we can also get emotional in ways that others cannot understand about things that seem remarkable and outstanding to us.

I remember that about halfway through my professional training a new shopping plaza was built in my hometown that I simply hated because of the colors it was painted with, and when someone asked me what I liked the most about the new plaza after visit it, I answered that the color of the shadow of a notice of not parking on one of the walls of the entrance (WTF !!!), that's how weird we are.

When we can contemplate a good space, either in person or through photographs or video, it is almost as if we were seeing a supermodel, or for those car lovers, it is as if we were in front of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, simply We are excited and given pleasure, that is why I was very amused by the comment of 'Eroticism for architects' that my former student put up when sharing a collection of images of which I share only a small sample, since there are a total of 270.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do, and until next time!


Source of all images: Nội Thất Đẹp's Facebook Page .

©bonzopoe, 2021.


Thank you very much for reading this post and dedicating a moment of your time. Until next time and remember to leave a comment.


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