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Comodo and Padar Islands are the most popular destinations when traveling in Labuan Bajo. This time, if you want to get a different attraction in Labuan Bajo, you can visit this place.

Located in Rangko Village, Boleng District, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), here there is a famous exotic cave. The place is named Rangko Cave.

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This tourist attraction offers the beauty of a cave that is still very natural. Especially the unique shape of stalactite and stalagmite rocks. The rocks in the cave look beautiful coupled with a bluish clear salt water pool.

This water is sourced from the sea, and enters through cavities or fissures that connect ponds in caves and the high seas. Activities that tourists can do in this cave are swimming and floating. Enjoy the calm atmosphere in the cave.

If you are interested in visiting Rangko Cave, come from 12.00 to 14.00 WITA. Because at that hour is the best time to explore the cave. During the day, the sun's rays will help illuminate the dark cave, so the blue beauty of the water radiates beautifully.

"To get to this cave you need about 1 hour by road from Labuan Bajo and about 20 minutes by sea from Rangko Village. The best time to come here is noon around 12.00-14.00 because the sun's rays perfectly illuminate the cave. not satisfied to go to Labuan Bajo but not playing to Rangko Cave. Written on Instagram @ayodolan

Usually, people think that the cave is synonymous with dark and scary places. But that perception will collapse if you have seen the beauty of this Rangko Cave. You can feel yourself swimming in a natural pool like a private pool.

The entrance ticket to Rangko Cave is free of charge. This beautiful cave does not yet have an official retribution. You can also come anytime because this attraction has not been visited much.

To reach this cave, you can use a boat from Labuan Bajo which is used to visit the islands in the Komodo National Park. Additionally you can drive for 45 minutes from Labuan Bajo to Kampung Rangko.

The path to this cave is not confusing, because there is only one path. But indeed the road conditions are still not paved.

In Kampung Rangko, you have to rent a boat to get to the cave at a cost of Rp. 300,000 per boat. How, interested in exploring the Rangko Cave in Labuan Bajo?

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