The Wedding Vow

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My love, my heart, my everything,

It was just like yesterday we met at the tennis court,

As I watched you play, I thought to myself "he is so hot",

You had sweat all over you yet..I saw a handsome man,

The first words you said to me was asking if I played tennis,

I said no but one thing led to another and you volunteered to teach me,

So began our love story....

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Blue eyes...

I bless the day I found you,

In you I have found my home, a partner, playmate and a friend,

You make me laugh,

You comfort me when I cry,

You are my inspiration and a dream come true,

Thank you for accepting to love me, tease me, cry with me, laugh with and be there for me,

Thank you for accepting me for who I am,

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I promise to love you, cherishing our moments together,

I promise to stay with you in your happy and sad moments because your happiness is my happiness, so also is your sadness,

I would love you when the rain falls and when the sun shines through all seasons,

I love you in spite of your qualities and I love you despite all your qualities,

You are mine as I am yours,

I love you, My Blue Eyes. ❤

Original Post Written By @Bliss11


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