Exploring Various Photo Effects And Filters

in GEMS11 months ago (edited)

Hello, hope you are all doing great. So I decided to play around with some effects and filters today...

I like this one better, it looks classy.😌😍😍💕

Thanks to this lovely tree here my model for the edit work hahahaha..🤪 I took that photo last year on my way to the market...and I actually imagined using it for an edit work. We don't have so many trees where I stay so I was happy to get a nice shot of this one.

(Original Photo)

First, I used Photo Express app to give it is base colour, I did not want something so bright...so I used the Cosmos filter which gave it the colour you see below.

To make it smooth and fantasy like, I moved my work to Snapseed. 😁Where I got this...

Oh! I am not done yet, 🤣 then I took the "War" to Mirror Lab where I made some interesting discoveries lol.

Looking at the world through a globe fits this perfectly...or maybe another planet. 😶

This is called "The lonely tree in the fine lake", 😂😂 well it looks that way to me but then looking at to makes you feel relaxed, it looks peaceful.

So there you have it friends, let me know which one you prefer more. 🤪😂


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